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Print Management Solution

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Document output and the supporting print environment are critical to any company. However, many organizations unknowingly under-manage their print environment. Improperly managed print environments can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Print4 Managed Print Services provides the ultimate “customer-fit” solution for fleet optimization. With Print4 you gain efficiency, resulting in significant hard and soft dollar cost savings.
Core Focus Areas

Infrastructure Optimization:
Balance Productivity and Cost

Environment Management:
Increase IT Productivity and System Availability

Workflow Improvements:
Streamlined Workflows and Increase
Integration Steps
  1. Environment Assesment
  2. Current Device & Workflow Processes Integration
  3. Fleet Device Deployment and Rightsizing
  4. Workflow Solution Deployment and Integration
  5. End-to-End Document Lifecycle Management
  6. Ongoing Management and Quarterly Business Reviews
Goal Measurement Phases
  1. Vendor Consolidation and Initial Cost Control
  2. Fleet Rationalization and Optimization (Device Phase)
  3. Workflow Processes (People Phase)
  4. Lifecycle Services
  • Over 20 different MPS program types adaptable to your requirements.
  • Most technically advanced cloud-based application suite.
  • Flexible options for leasing, billing, supplies, service, and support.
  • Nationwide assesment, hardware deployment, triage, and repair services, managed through our printer-centric US-based help desk.
  • Ongoing Online reports for TCO, fleet changes, utilization, and rightsize optimization help to identify areas of additional cost savings during the entire contract term.
  • Top-quality supplies and parts fulfillment are seamlessly fulfilled through our automated supplies management system.
  • Dynamic contract and fleet management allows you to fully understand the source and the steps to minimize fleet cost... and so much more!.
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Optimize all aspects of your Document Output Infrastructure, Management Practices/Environment, and Workflow Processes for a lower TCO.
We offer the most technically advanced cloud-based application suite for:
• Assessments
• Monitoring
• Data Analysis
• Billing
• Service and Supplies Fulfillment
• Solution Development
• Alerting
• Reporting
• Ongoing Optimization
Imaging Device Management

Print4 is an end-to-end solution that maximizes Device Management and Document Workflow efficiencies, resulting in significant cost savings for most output fleets.
We provide an unbiased, vendor neutral perspective for document management that is matched to your specific business requirements.
IT Imaging Services
  • Firmware Updates
  • Fleet Security Management
  • Device Configuration
  • Mobile Print Solutions
  • Outsourced Level 1 Help Desk
  • HP Imaging and Printing Security Center
Print Planning & Policy Administration
  • Device to Workflow Optimization
  • Print Policies and Control
  • Electronic Document Routing
  • Electronic Document Storage
  • Device Optimization
  • Assessment Services
  • Job Accounting and Tracking
  • Troy Secure Document Printing

Going Green with Print4

Printing is an organizational necessity, and the amount of printing seems to increase annually. This increase in print not only affects your bottom line, but also expands your carbon footprint. Green and Printing may seem contradictory because printing requires the use of power, paper, plastics (oil), and components that are not biodegradable. However, not controlling inefficiencies that take place in office printing can have cascading effects on the environment and your budget.

End-to-End Management

Print4 is an end-to-end solution -- a popular catchphrase, but in our case it’s entirely accurate. Our systems are built to manage assets, capture data, and act on that data.

The Print4 portals can take multiple forms: a desktop application for key operators, an administrative view, or a help desk view.

Customer-Fit Solution

We look at more than just a device level view to understand the policies and align the print fleet to the priorities of the organization.

Print4 business processes optimization delivers a “customer-fit” solution adapted to your business needs.

Bring Calrity to Complexity

Print4 encompasses a multi-step strategy to maximize your print output efficiencies through Device Management and Document Workflow execution.

Our Quarterly Business Reviews enable the TCO analysis of these activities and provide the data to make on-going actionable decisions about your print environment.

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