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Ordering with TonerQuest was simply amazing. Roger grasped our company’s needs quickly, the whole execution was swift, smooth and very professional. Highly Reccomended!
Megan Staffanos
Baer Systems
JJ... I just placed an order online, just wanted to tell you, WOW, what a great website... I also called in to customer service and they were very helpful as well... Just wanted to tell you you're doing a great job and wish you lots of luck!!!
Harry Gotlieb
You impressed me again, I placed my order less than 2 days ago and here it is, just arrived well packaged. With a great price and fast shipping, who can ask for more? Also, let your website staff know that I like your site, user friendly and professional.
B. Leib
Dagim Studios
I could buy things for my office a lot of places, but with TonerQuest I know I am getting fair prices with free shipping that will arrive next day on most orders. Thank you TonerQuest and thank you for the honey :)
Mitch F.
Nashua, NH
Your remanufactured toners are the best!!!
Michael Hatt

Hi as i am the corporate administrator for TonerQuest requests, I also want to let you know what a pleasure it is working with Sonam, Kay, Nina, and Sophea.  They are all the very highest quality customer service professionals, and I quite frankly would not be able to do my job without their outstanding assistance. I, of course, have the most interaction with Sonam, and she has earned all the praise I could hope to put into words.  I honestly feel as if she is right here at my side handling the fairly wide range of issues we encounter on a daily basis, and she does it with speed, understanding, and boundless positivity. 

Thanks again to you and the team as you all continue to help make my TQ responsibility the best part of every day for me!!!
Thank You, Randall

Good Afternoon!

      I just wanted to let you know that Sonam has been so very, very helpful; goes above and beyond whatever I ask!!!!!!!! Would like to let you know that Sonam is extremely appreciated and deserves to be recognized for going the extra mile J

      Thanks again for Sonam!


Take Care,



Just wanted to give a shout out to Nina for her excellent customer service.  She was very helpful. Thanks for your amazing customer service!                                                           

-Nate S.


I just wanted to let you know that it is a pleasure working with Joe and your team. We have many critical orders that need to get processed and it is always done in a timely fashion. 

-Joel E.




Below is my compliment for the help I had received from Sonam Arora. She helped me through my whole processes of finding the reason I never received my package of almost 4 weeks now. She followed up on all her promises and wanted to let you know what a great team member you have! J thanks a lot! 

- Kimani W.

National General Insurance



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